Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Ideas

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Circle Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum

Above ground swimming pool vacuum are constantly under attack from various forms of algae. Pool water is an inviting environment for algae when the pool is not well maintained. When the pool water becomes contaminated with algae, it shows off-shining, cloudy and green. Chemical treatments and cleaning with above ground pool equipment is the only way to remove algae from a pool. Specially designed algae Chemicals eliminate and kill algae, which makes the above-ground pool owners to suck algae out of the pool.


Determine how much algae killer to use by reading the instructions on the back of algae killing chemicals used. Most algae killing chemicals are applied to the pool water in 88.7ml doses per 10,000 liters of basin water. above ground swimming pool vacuum algae killer directly into the pool water. Concentrate chemicals in areas with the most visible algal growth. Drive your pool for at least 12 hours or until all algal growth is dead and sitting on the bottom of the basin.

Set your above ground swimming pool vacuum by turning the end of the vacuum hose over the top of the vacuum head until it is firmly in place. Take the vacuum head handle and lock it into place inside a pool post. Lower the vacuum head into the water until it is on the bottom of the basin. Set your pool to the “Waste” setting and turn it on. Use the rays of the pool or a water hose to fill the suction hose with water. Place the free end of the vacuum hose down into the overflow hole. Vacuum dead algae at the bottom of your pool by slowly pushing vacuum over the bottom of the pool.

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