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Elite Aluminum Patio Covers

Car home repair can be a daunting task. The popular addition to mobile homes is aluminum patio covers. Aluminum patio cover offers a good opportunity to increase outdoor living space. Usually, this structure has a “U Pan” or “V Pan” design. Many people try to attach the area below and heat it up. Most people fail at this. I will tell you how to achieve this successfully.

The hardest part of this task is to effectively isolate aluminum patio covers. Most people will see how the pan is formed and become confused. The most effective way is to fill a low vacuum cover with a foam board 2 “. Measure and cut strips of foam board to fit between the backs of the pan. You want the foam board surface to be level with the top of the pan. If you have not watered it, add the thickness of the foam right to make the surface red.

After watering, place the foam board throughout the patio cover. You can use 3/4 “or 1” Use a screw with a ring to attach the top layer of foam. If you will not finish the inside of the roof and do not want to see the screws protruding, you can glue the foam. The next step is to install EPDM rubber membrane on the roof surface. Black rubber will be the most available and inexpensive. I recommend using white EPDM rubber instead of black. That’s the article about aluminum patio covers.


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