Aluminum Porch Railing Ideas

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Aluminum porch railing – railing can add visual impressions and the safety of a home. Aluminum rails come in a variety of styles and colors and can be found at most local hardware stores. The rack can be installed easily with a few household tools, and most come with hardware with hack and snaps to facilitate installation.


Determine postings and mark the spots with an “X” in pencil. Note how many aluminum porch railing are in the package and the size of the rack area. Pre-installation posts. Cut arrows and loosely drill a screw by mail. This will make some moves to install the upper rack later. Fit the wall brackets. If the wall brackets are needed, install the wall brackets along the wall and secure with the screws. Wood screws are needed if the wall is wood, and or screws are needed if the wall is plaster.

Measure and cut the rails. Measure the distance between the posts. Use arc or saw to cut upper and lower rails, cut the upper shine 1/2 inch shorter. Attach aluminum porch railing to posts. Fit the bottom straight with hexagonal screws and install brackets. Then install the top rack in brackets, secure with screws. When top rails are safe, add and tighten the screws to all posts. Drill a small hole in the bottom rails drain rainwater.

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