Amazing Basement Concrete Wall Paint Ideas

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Basement Concrete Wall Paint Colors

Basement concrete wall paint – Basements often have walls that are made of concrete. Maybe they have grown tired of looking at their rough, gray wall. Or maybe you are looking for some ideas on how to use empty space. Hang shelves on the wall. An empty wall can be a great place for additional storage. Be sure to use masonry anchors, which are designed to make things bond concrete much easier.

Start a tradition of writing love notes on the wall with chalk. Do it spontaneously to surprise your girlfriend. Keep writing notes as a testament to your love for one another. You can also basement concrete wall paint with a solid color. Choose something cheerful. Do not be afraid to experiment. You will probably feel more comfortable trying a new color in the basement than you would on the top floor. For a bold, cheerful look, consider bright orange, yellow or red. For a softer feel, try using blue or purple tones.

Create an art gallery. If you have a child who enjoys drawing, basement concrete wall paint or photography, use the concrete wall to showcase their work. Or maybe you’re an artist who needs more space to show off his or her own work. Concrete gives the space an industrial feel, similar to that of some art galleries.

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