Attractive Finished Basement Paint Colors

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Dining Finished Basement Paint Colors

Finished basement paint colors – Save your basement from a boring existence with a fresh coat of paint. Paint is cheap, and unlike other types of home renovation, you can see results right away. Once you have prepared concrete and removed any sealers, you are ready to paint. If you have poured concrete walls, paint them with one of many faux finishing techniques such as faux granite, faux sandstone or faux Venetian plaster.

See references finished basement paint colors for more information on these techniques. If you have cement block walls, serves a simple application of primer and paint best. It is surprising how a coat of paint can transform ordinary breeze block texture and pattern in a comfortable, finished look. Choose paint that is made to cover concrete floors. These come in many different colors. Check labels to be sure what you are getting.

After putting down a layer of neutral primer creates a faux tile design for your basement by measurement, so tape off, evenly distributed squares. Use a paint roller to areas with finished basement paint colors of your choice. Remove tape to reveal your “tile”. Or try to paint a geometric “blanket” on floor in bright, contrasting colors. Seal your painted surface (when dry) with a concrete sealant to protect it from moisture and stains.

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