Awesome Basement Kitchen Design

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Great Basement Kitchen Design

Basement kitchen design – Create a new look for a basement kitchen will help a great basement area, such as a family room, looks more appealing. New floors, bright colors and some stretch budget further, but never compromise important upgrades needed for wiring or plumbing. Spend money only on security upgrades, functional upgrades, while using paint and cheaper materials for the fresh look of the space.

Create a new design basement kitchen design on paper. Review kitchen remodeling books and magazines to see what might work. Sketch kitchen layout from different angles, and experimenting with new additions. Create a new design that includes a freestanding island or L-shaped counter space, for example. Keep in mind that a new floor will probably need to be installed on the base cabinet moved. Place the new layout, with graph paper. Start with the triangular pattern of placing a refrigerator, stove and sink nearby. Incorporate new appliances, including a new dishwasher or stove if necessary. Plans to place floor to ceiling cabinets on one wall of storage space is limited.

Recycle or upgrade basement kitchen design cabinets and fixtures. For example, refinish old cabinets with fresh paint or stain. Add new door handles and drawer pulls to make the cabinet appear new. Installing a new sink faucet to make an existing sink seem new. Consider adding a new cooker hood over an existing fireplace to add pizzazz to the kitchen.

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