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Basement Bar Design Ideas Plans

Basement Bar Design Ideas – There are plenty of DIY plans online for both dry and wet bars (bars with sinks), but making your own help tailor your new bar to your space, your taste and your needs. If you have even basic carpentry skills, some general ideas can help get you started. Imagine you’re at your local pub or pub, sitting “at the bar.” Where you are sitting is the “accountant”. What you are looking for, behind the waiter with all the drinks, is the “new bar.”

Consider how the basement bar design ideas will be used: frequent but small dinners or large but infrequent parties? In any case, a bar does not need to be huge to entertain. So unless you are turning your basement into a bar, you may be better off using additional space (like a pool table, for example). If using borrowed designs or your own, measure your space and draw plans to scale on graph paper. Now you can play visually with different ideas before you decide on one.

Once you have an idea of what kind of basement bar design ideasyou want, make a list of materials and prices and see what fits your budget. Plenty of prefabricated furniture, such as shelves and sideboards, can be used for the home bar. Reassignment of furniture used furniture stores, garage sales or your own home can save you money and work.

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