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Basement floor paint ideas – What is best floor for a basement? Has anyone had experience with laminate similar to wood? Recently, we have created an old nasty flat carpet, which covered floor in basement recording room. Someone has had experience in using a floor in this way. This will be a common space and you will receive a lot of traffic on foot. We would like it to be a little cozy on a material (i.e. non-linear concrete), as we will use as a studio / family room.

We have laminate basement floor paint ideas slabs similar to wood in basement. They look great (very hot in room) and were not difficult to install. I’m not sure how easy it would be to remove just one section. What I would like to do first, however, is to get a couple of basement guys (multiple estimates / eyes) to look at and tell you if you are looking at a water problem that can be fixed. How long have you lived there? Have you survived torrential rain in a damp spring without water? I would like to be sure that water problem does not happen again.

We had to change our water extraction system and sump pump (catastrophic failure when we had been there about two years, it sucked), it was not cheap but it was totally worth it as it increases resale value of House (much) and increases ease of use of ground floor. We did that before putting it on new basement floor paint ideas.

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