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Basement Flooring Ideas Dark

Basement flooring ideas – Carpet tiles are easy to install and very affordable. Whatever forms your basement is, you can install tiles, creating an attractive floor that is soft on your feet. The seams of each tile are not visible, so you do not worry about where you start the pattern. Carpet tiles are also easy to cut, so you can fit them hard to reach spaces. Make-over your basement by mixing and matching carpet tile patterns and colors that create a fun design. If your basement is dark with limited light sources, install lights carpet tiles that open space. Consider patterned tiles of solid colors that hide dirt.

Basement flooring ideas Reclaimed wood has a lot of character and is a fraction of the cost of new wood. There are also a lot of character and life in old wood, you will not find in new designs. When you install tree, you find that you have to sand down rough spots, which is a simple process. Reclaimed wood creates a cozy and rustic feel to a basement.

Bamboo is also another inexpensive option for your basement flooring ideas. Bamboo costs less than pine and walnut flooring. it is very close and makes for a tough and durable floor. Bamboo is also environmentally sustainable because bamboo trees only take five years to mature.

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