Basement Stair Treads And Runners

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Basement Stair Treads Vinyl

Basement stair treads – Rubber stair treads are an effective means of improve the safety of staircases, stairwells, and other indoor stairways. Failure to properly cover staircases may lead to accidents and subsequent liability for the property owner. Moreover, uncovered staircases are susceptible to a greater degree of wear and tear over time. Follow these tips for expert tread installation, and protect guests, employees, and property owners from injury and harm.

One of the primary reasons to install basement stair treads is to improve safety for facility guests who may use the stairs to travel from one floor to the next. Proper installation is critical in this regard, as faulty installation can make individual steps unstable and dangerous. Proper installation is also important for aesthetic reasons; treads must be applied in a clean fashion so as to preserve the professional image of the business.

Epoxy nose caulk must be used in order to install basement stair treads that will remain sturdy, resilient, and trusting over time. A water-based contact adhesive, epoxy nose caulk performs two very important functions. First, it creates a strong bond between the rubber tread and the surface of the step. Second, it fills any voids that may exist between the tread and the step. This ensures a flush application that provides long-term support, particularly under the nosing of the stair tread.


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