Basement Window Air Conditioner Ideas

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Stylish Basement Window Air Conditioner

Basement window air conditioner – When you live in an apartment or just want to chill a room in your house, an alternative to a central air conditioning system is a single-mounted device, called a window air conditioner or room air conditioner. It can be installed on a window or through a hole made in a wall. The air conditioners are easy to install on window sills and can make your home much more comfortable during hot weather

Install a basement window air conditioner, measure the window opening as your air conditioner will be installed. Most devices are about 20 inches long by 14 1/2 inches wide and 22 inches high. Examine the window frame and sill to ensure that both are in stable condition before installing the air conditioner. Open the window and install external metal brackets with the included hardware, per the manufacturer’s instructions. Screw other end of the metal bracket on the window sill. Open the window wider than necessary to get the air conditioning. Follow air conditioner manufacturer’s instructions to set up the unit in place. Have someone help you if the air conditioning is heavy.

Using a level, make sure that your air conditioner is installed evenly inside. Close the window of the air conditioner. Pull out the extensions on both sides of the unit. Slide extensions to fill the gaps between the unit and both sides of your window. Attach each extension side of the sash. Attach two window sashes to each other, using the supplied angle bracket of your heat pump. Seal with a foam strip to fill where the arches overlap. Caulk the outside of the unit where it meets the window. The basement window air conditioner system should be ready to use.

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