Basement Window Security Bars Ideas

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Stylish Basement Window Security Bars

Basement window security bars – Basement windows can provide a single access point for burglars. The options available from system manufacturer’s home security are often too expensive. Make basement window safety ideas can provide a creative, inexpensive and flexible approach.

Basement window security bars ideas; window bars improve safety, but can be expensive. You can improvise a similar principle with the aid of a metal headboard, which is essentially a set of rods. You can often pick up these markets or thrift stores. Use the appropriate cup mounts to fit the end into place. With holes drilled through the wall, determine cup mounts in place of the posts in the side, near the top and bottom, with long screws. A major drawback of bars or steel grids is that they can prevent you from having an output access in the event of a fire, which could prove tragic.

Quick-release or expandable security bars, swinging outward to allow homeowners to escape in an emergency. They remove and put back quickly as long as the attachment angle remains on the window frame. Expandable basement window security bars can be adjusted. The bars’ steel slides into another tube to expand and fit any window length.

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