Beautiful Finished Basement Lighting Combinations

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Finished Basement Lighting Hanging

Finished basement lighting – Many of the rooms benefit from a combination of types of lighting fixtures. That is especially true in basements, where light may be sparse or non-existent. This modernist basement home office uses recessed tin lighting to illuminate the linear and walkway next to the desk. A mid-century modern style lamp has three purposes. Provides ambient light in general throughout the room. Its location directly on the desk provides task lighting for office work. Finally, its extravagant style complements the design scheme.

With concrete and concrete walls and exposed piping installations mechanical electrical, unfinished basements have all the bones of an industrial-type living space. If your choice is to polish these elements lightly and leave exposed rather than cover them, consider adding industrial type finished basement lighting to complete the look. The simple metal and glass pendant lights shown here is a refinement of the lights used to illuminate everything from factories to gyms, and complement the minimalist beamed ceiling of this industrial-style basement.

Before finished basement lighting in beautiful finished living spaces became popular, some homeowners have installed a recessed ceiling lamp or an elegant wall lamp below ground level. Basement ceilings were often too low – and walls unfinished too ugly – even to consider using such “upstairs” fixtures below grade.

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