Best Basement Paint Ideas

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Grey Basement Paint Ideas

Best Basement Paint Ideas – Whether your basement walls are concrete, sheet-rock, drywall or wood, you can light up the space with a few coats of paint. The most important aspect of applying any type of painting is the preparation. Make sure the walls are clean and properly sealed with concrete primer or sealer before applying the decorative paint.

Landscape mural for basement paint ideas; take off in a landscape mural on a basement wall. Reflect the nature of your existing landscape or paint a scene from a place far away. Painting murals can be tedious, depending on the subject, but not complicated. Prime and paint the background first. For example, if you paint a mountain range, pull the top line and then paint the wall blue shades. For a meadow landscape, draw the horizon line, and then paint the upper blue and the bottom green. After drying the background color, project the desired image on the wall, trace the outline and then fill in with acrylic.

Choose a bright, bold color to finish a basement paint ideas wall of red, purple or terracotta. Bright colors liven up a space and up to a focal wall. Select colors based on the purpose of your basement. For example, if the basement is a family room to watch sports, painting a wall of the brightest color of your favorite team’s logo. Hang sport-related wall art to complement the background color. If the basement is a family game room, paint the focal wall to complement the colors of the pool table. Consult a color wheel to determine complementary colors. Light and subdued can be basement paint ideas. Choose light, muted paint colors to create a more soothing atmosphere in the cellar. Soft yellow, mint green, light blue and lavender are a few choices that will bring light to the basement and provides a pleasant backdrop for your choice of wall art, family photographs and decorative accents. For example, if the basement is ready for entertaining, a bright and muted color palate, open your design options.

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