Best Color To Paint Basement Home

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Best Color To Paint Basement Ceiling

Best color to paint basement – in many older homes, and even a few newer homes are laundry room in basement. You can create illusion of outdoors in a dark laundry room by painting walls sky and sponging on a few clouds. It makes you paint your walls blue and let them dry. Dip a sea sponge into white paint and lightly dab surface of painted wall, forming a cloud shape. While white sponged on paint is still wet, take a damp cotton cloth and rub sponging around to fill some of space to look more like a fluffy cloud.

If you plan to create a family room in your basement, painting walls in warm, neutral best color to paint basement as a honey beige or pale gold. Grinding a soft color tile pattern on floor of a shade similar to external coating. Create big tile squares to avoid appearance of tile bustle. Get your kids involved if you want to create a room out of your basement space. Take kids with you to home improvement store to pick colors.

Or paint walls in a neutral best color to paint basement and let them paint walls with hand prints. Create multiple paint trays with different colors that they helped select. Show them how to do it by dipping his hand in paint, rub off drips on edge of hill paint and apply your hand on wall without smudging.

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