Best Futon Mattress At Home

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Best futon mattress is the traditional Japanese bed. Originally it consisted of a mattress and a cover attached and folding to be stored during the day and to allow other uses to the room, besides the one of bedroom. The real futons are usually low, only 5 cm. Of height and have an outer cover with stuffing usually cotton. Often sold sets that include the mattress, a duvet and the pillow. In general they are thicker and are placed on a frame that can act as bed and sofa.

This type of furniture is mainly welcomed in a young segment as it is a comfortable, practical and economical alternative to the traditional bed, although there are also high design models with a certain elitist air. In any case, the choice of a best futon mattress always reveals a certain attraction for oriental aesthetics and culture.

In the purest Japanese essence we find this model with tatami base in several modules, without need of bed structure, and with a great futon conceived for a spectacular space of rest. The tables are integrated into the surface of the mat. A simple design in the purest oriental concept. one of the characteristics of the best futon mattress mat is its versatility. We can place it in the layout that we want, following the geometry of the room or breaking with it, as in this example.

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