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Concrete Tiki Bar Top Ideas

Tiki bar top ideas – Your tiki bar would be missing something if it did not have the stone-faced tiki gods even dropped around the area. Tiki masks, sometimes compared to the large stone constructions on Easter Island, have a simple wide face with a heavy forehead, severe eyes and a set of mouths. You can create tiki masks in just about any material you’ve got on hand. Such as left poster board or record material. An extra sheet of bedding or a hefty structure made of paper mache.

Consider making a variety of sizes of masks to sprinkle around the tiki bar top ideas, such as mini-table, large wall sizes. And a couple of extras hanging like mobiles from the ceiling. When guests get a view of tiki masks, they will know they are in for a tropical evening.

Instead of just using plain tiki bar top ideas that came with bar. Turn it tiki style by adding a surfboard. Find surfboards cheap at a surf shop or from an online supplier. Since you do not actually want to use the board in the water. Look for reduced alternatives that may have been broken or scuffed and useless for the sport. Once you’ve got your table, paint it with tiki decorations like tiki heads, coconuts, tropical drinks and palms. Place it on top of the bar and encourage the patrons to go up and try the big one.

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