Build Exterior Porch Columns

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Exterior porch columns make an elegant and stately home. Building one takes a bit of planning, but it is an achievable goal. It is recommended that you take a trip to the wood supply of local retailers and check the columns on the screen. Take note of the width, style and the way they are mounted. If you want a design or pattern cut the wood, throw it out of power tools and project books on screen.

Measure the length between the porch and the covered terrace where the exterior porch columns will be installed. Subtract 4½ inches of the length and consequently one of the wood pieces of 1 by 8 inches mark. Place the carpenter’s square on the mark, draw a line and cut the board, using a circular saw. Repeat this process for the other three pieces of 1 by 8 inches of wood. Then, drill pilot holes towards one edge of each of the four pieces. Space the holes 6 inches apart.

Build exterior porch columns, place one of the pieces of wood from step 1 on a flat surface. Then, place the three 2-inch pieces 6¾ by 6¾ wood on the edges of the 1-by-8-inch wood. Place one at the end either near the center of the wood and 1 by 8 inches. Adjust the remaining pieces 1 by 8 inches of wood at the edge, adjacent to the blocks in step 2 and apply a strip of glue along the top edge.

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