Charm Rustic Basement Bar

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Build Rustic Basement Bar

Rustic basement bar – basements need not go to waste as a boring storage room or laundry room; transforming the basement to create an extra charming and welcoming space to your home. If you like the down-home, country kind of feeling is a rustic-themed basement way to go. Consider some basic ideas to serve as a starting point to develop your own, individually designed cellar.

Everything made of stone ads to the rustic basement bar character in your basement. Onyx a clock, for example is made of a cross-section of onyx, so that all the natural grooves of the stone are visible. Also consider the stone lamps, tables with stone tops and stone sculptures. Other attractive types of rustic stones used with Furnishings include slate, quartzite, sandstone, and travertine. Using painted stones as decorations. Lots of artists paint the stones, or you can paint your own. Suitable images include aromatic plant, cactus, horses, cattle or deer.

The right fireplace is the centerpiece of your rustic basement bar cellar. Not just a fireplace adds atmosphere, but it also provides heat. Probably your basement is not equipped for a wood-burning fireplace, but electric fireplaces are available that do not require chimney ventilation. You can find plenty of electric fireplace mantels and Amer, who has rustic charm, especially those made with boulders or oak.

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