Choosing Theme Decorating A Basement Bedroom

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Decorating A Basement Bedroom – A basement bedroom can be a claustrophobic, sad space. With the right decorating techniques, you can transform even the darkest basement bedroom into a space that you’ll be thrilled to spend time in. You will have to prioritize and eliminate the clutter in order to get the spacious look that will make your bedroom a pleasant environment. Add in a good color scheme and lighting, and forget that the room is in the basement.

Choose a theme for your decorating a basement bedroom. Do you want a romantic getaway? An elegant modern space? Keep your decision in mind as you purchase a decoration for your bedroom. One theme will make the most of your space unifying it. Consider creating a monochromatic color scheme composed mainly of colors at the end of the light spectrum. These help the flow lines of your room and reduce any tendency towards a messy “squared” look. Paint the light colored bedroom. Avoid wallpaper with busy patterns.

Light colors will open the decorating a basement bedroom, making it appear lighter and wider. If you are a talented painter or have the resources to hire one, paint a wall. Choose carefully for your art room. Hang a focal piece or two or three small pieces of art in a grouping. Consider your decoration and colors by choosing the art that will complement your sleeping space. Create a fake window.

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