Decorating Large Decorative Wall Clocks

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Large decorative wall clocks – The clock seems to have become a hostile element in our lives, however, not only measures the passage of the hours, but also is an important and useful decorative element for any stay of your home.  As the technology has evolved new models have appeared with more precision, better performance, presentation and manufacturing costs. Nowadays, the watch, in addition to its practical function, has become an object of jewelry and even … .of decoration. We start with the most original idea (at least from my point of view) that we have found on the net. This is the maxi watch. I find it an excellent way to give a very original point to, say a bedroom, but would marry perfectly with a dining room or a living room, for example.

Another option that we leave you is to combine boxes with large decorative wall clocks. In this case, although it seems very simple, combining square shapes with circular clocks is not so easy (in that sense a decorator can help you), that is why some formations include square frame clocks. But we can be much more original still. What do you think to make a clock with coffee cups for the coffee table? The style of these mugs is classic, but you could adapt this idea with your own tastes and decoration. These are glued to a base, but I can think of some way to do it without foundation as well.

Unleash your creativity and design your own large decorative wall clocks. Place your numbers on the wall, numbers you can paint, use vinyl or any other recycled item, adapt a mechanism and needles and you will get originality in your living room.

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