Decorative Wall Art For Stone

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Decorative wall art – You do not have to be a stonemason or an artist to create a decorative stone wall in your home. All you need is a little imagination and a few supplies from your local home improvement store. Faux painting techniques are easy to master and create the illusion of real stone. Using art to paint a decorative stone wall is a quick way to liven up any room, and just about anyone can do it.

Choose a “grout” color to your base paint. A light shade of gray usually work best if you want your faux stone to look realistic. Choose a glaze color to your “stone”. Generally, you use a darker shade of your base color. Darker glaze will give the finished project a more dramatic look. Paint the entire wall with the base color, using brush and roller. Applying two coats of paint, and allowing the decorative wall art to dry at least 12 hours.

Use masking tape to outline the “stone” on the wall. You can choose to make stones that are all uniform size, or create variety of different sizes. Take the size of the decorative wall art into consideration when planning your contours. Larger stone look better in a large open space, while smaller stones are better suited for a wall with a limited area. Apply glaze to one stone at a time, dabbing it on with the fungus. Next, fold the glass surface with cheesecloth to soften the texture and stone effect. Repeat until the entire wall is covered.

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