Decorative Wall Mirror Sets Tiles

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Decorative wall mirror sets – Mirror tiles are versatile design elements, refresh any room by giving an instant focal point and give the impression of more space and better lighting. Some homeowners consider decorative wall mirror sets tiles a dated look. Increase the visual impact of the decorative wall mirror sets using different sizes and patterns, such as diagonal designs. Mirror sets tiles also come in a variety of colors so you can create interesting frescoes.

For smaller murals, draw a grid over the image. Copy the grid on the wall and copy your image square by square according to the grid on the paper. For larger murals and intricate patterns, use a projector and transparent sheet to transfer the image. Much like traditional mirrors, some mirror tiles decorative etching or marbling. Or, instead of using tiles, install a large piece of mirror and add a detailed framework for an inexpensive alternative to traditional decorative wall mirror sets.

Place a decorative wall mirror sets from small tiles behind the sink or stove for an attractive backsplash. Substitute bathroom cabinet with a sleek, sophisticated and contemporary wall mirror. Adorn smooth cabinet doors or walls with decorative wall mirror set tiles or slabs in the bedroom to provide a full body length mirror.

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