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Basement Stair Lighting Ideas Awesome

Basement stair lighting ideas is not a priority for many homeowners, but it can make a significant difference in a room looks. A finished basement can be used for different purposes, and you can design your basement staircase so it is suited to your selected object. You can also use the design to maximize space in the basement and create additional living space, which can be especially important in a smaller home.

There are options to properly basement stair lighting ideas. Stairs and landings are often not equipped with windows to let in light from the outside. Safety is the primary concern when considering the best method to illuminate the road from one step to the next. A light can be placed at each landing steps. On a circular staircase, a readily be well placed in the bottom, middle and top of the stairway. A window or skylight can be installed in the staircase area, to provide daytime lighting. A three-way electrical switch provides basic stair at night.

A switch should be installed at the bottom and at the top of the stairs. Decorative wall lights, chandeliers, lamps built into the staircase wall at baseboard level and modern light fixtures mounted on the staircase itself are viable alternatives. For someone with poor eyesight especially true basement stair lighting ideas helps better define each staircase. Stairs should be lit from above. This allows the treads on the steps to be clearly highlighted, with trunks between each step in the shadows.

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