Different And Distinct: Basement Hopper Windows

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Basement hopper windows – Living room you do not have all of the same design elements of your dining room, your bedroom does not resemble your den. Different environments require different treatments. Specific window, such as tents and hopper windows, offer certain advantages for specific settings.

Basement hopper windows get their name from their resemblance to the awnings you see outside business. Similar to turned on its side casement windows, awning windows are hinged at the top so that it opens to the outside away from your home. For this reason, awning windows are great for a rainy day in the summer time when you want to listen to the thunder storms because they can be opened in a rain storm without getting wet home.

Basement hopper windows usually have a screen inside and shut tightly, making them very safe for children. They did not open very far, which is one reason you often see them in high-rise apartments where this would pose a great danger, especially for children. Awning windows are also useful in lower-level rooms because they provide convection or air flow. Leave them open can reduce heating or cooling costs depending on the season, providing green solutions for indoor climate control. A ventilation system that is planned to use window awning is a creative and cost-effective way to be environmentally friendly.

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