Fashionable Shipping Container Swimming Pool

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Best Shipping Container Swimming Pool

The shipping container swimming pool are fashionable, you can be recycled using them in homes, offices, shops or what you can think of . It is not the first time we see pools made with sea ​​containers, a few summers ago were put several of these pools in New York, although they were basic models with little glamour.

The container pools are a great idea; the maritime containers are very robust and durable, which are good candidates to create the shipping container swimming pool structure. Little Canadian company makes Modpool has developed this idea and achieved a pool made from a modified shipping container is beautiful and luxurious. They make pools of 6 and 12 meters long by 2.4 meters wide and a depth of 1.35 meters.

The pools already come with the entire system of purification integrated in its structure, which can be placed in your garden in a few minutes without installation. There are different versions of shipping container swimming pool, they can incorporate a Jacuzzi or even have a heating system for water. According to the manufacturers it is a sustainable system, because when recycling a maritime container, the carbon footprint is reduced.

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