Frame Basement Garage Door

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White Basement Garage Door

Basement garage door – Will you eventually make of garage to living space you may want to install a regular door. Build a new wall and fix to the entrance of the new room. Do not forget to think of the floor to be added in the room to come, a tracked plank can be inserted under the door. Now the door frame be fixed, entering it with the long pass and then wedge it in place. Make a check measurement to see if it is equidistant from each corner diagonally up that is as a cross.

Secure the frame with the frame screws so they can be adjusted for easy. Put frame screw next to each screw hole and place them in pairs, one inside and one outside. After checking the diagonal and that it is plumb adjusting screws and screw them. Cut the wedges in line with the frame and hang on the basement garage door.

Caulk on both sides of the basement garage door, there is a net gear strips buying. Tucked the mineral wool strips from the outside, the joint should be at least 15 mm in order to drive no one should be powerful. Attach a base plate of the threshold to protect the drive against any moisture.

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