Futon Mattress Covers Ideas

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Futon mattress covers can be used to protect the mattress from becoming soiled and dirty because of constant wear. Normally a mattress covers a clear thick plastic enclosing a mattress and has a zipper opening. Its thick, sturdy material protects more delicate mattress fibers from damage. Over time, a mattress cover also become soiled and damaged. To protect a mattress cover, it is important to maintain the integrity of the plastic cover and keep it clean and sanitized.

There are a number of types of mattress covers and mattress pads, ranging from basic cotton cover to a 3-inch memory foam-padded mattress cover with hypoallergenic and stain resistant fabrics. Choosing a futon mattress covers requires an assessment of your needs and your budget.

Basic padded

The most basic type of mattress protector is a cotton quilted design that includes a light layer of polyester filling. The mattress cover has elastic around the edges to keep it on your bed. Some futon mattress covers are designed exclusively with protection in mind, do not despair. These often have zipper pattern to contain fully your mattress in a thin, durable waterproof housing. Other features may include resistance to dust mites and dander.

The most advanced mattress covers, memory foam, a synthetic material that changes shape to fit your body. Memory foam is sensitive to heat and soften around the hot parts of the body. Also known as featherbeds, down mattress toppers are another way to add comfort to a mattress. They will help to alleviate the feeling of firm mattresses.


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