Futon Mattress Types

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Futon mattress – Futon came to the US from Japan. The traditional cotton mattress was soon joined by innovative variations created by state manufacturers. These new types of mattresses, some easier, others more “bed-like,” did futon more appealing to the American market. Some futons now even the material time for use in outer space.

Cotton and Foam

Traditional, all-cotton Japanese futon mattress tends to be very firm. They are one of the heaviest types of futons. A double size can weigh between 38-45 pounds and a queen size futon can tip the scales at 75 pounds. When futons began to catch on in America, manufacturers have begun to combine the foam with cotton. This cotton and foam combination tends to be the most popular type of futon on the market. Cotton tends to clump, so these futons need to be rotated at least once a month. Adjusting the mattress in the sun at least once a year will also help the cotton fibers “plump up.”

Innerspring futon mattress

Futon with an innerspring center feels more like a traditional mattress. They tend to be more expensive than cotton and foam variety but are easier and more comfortable to sleep on for those who are used to sleeping in a traditional bed. A well-made futon mattress innerspring the polyester wadding of the outer layers, thick foam barriers for comfort and springs which are individually wrapped, or pocketed, usually cotton fabric.

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