Good Basement Bedroom Ideas

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Basement Bedroom Ideas Plan

Basement bedroom ideas can be a gloomy, claustrophobic room. With the right interior design technology, you can transform even the darkest basement bedroom into a place that you love to spend time in. You must prioritize and eliminate clutter to get the spacious look that will make your bedroom a nice environment. Add in a good range of colors and light, and you will forget that the room is in the basement. Consider creating a monochrome color scale consisting mainly of colors in the light end of the spectrum. This will help the lines in your room flow and reduce any tendency towards a blocky messy look.

Painting basement bedroom ideas light color. Avoid wallpaper with patterns busy. Bright colors will open up the room, making it appear both brighter and more spacious. Select the artwork for your room carefully. Hang a focal piece or two or three small pieces of art in a grouping.

Create a faux window. Hang a curtain rod in the place where you want a window and hang curtains. No one but you will ever know there is no window behind curtains, and the “window” can make your basement bedroom ideas feel larger. Choose a big bright carpet that matches your theme. Place it under the bed, so that at least one foot on the edge of the display. A carpet gives your bedroom a cohesive look, but will not give the room a blocky feels that it is integrated with the bed.

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