Good Idea Baby Swimming Pool Fence

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Popular Baby Swimming Pool Fence

Baby swimming pool – If your house has a swimming pool on the floor that is not fenced in, a small child can easily fall inside and drown. Avoiding this risk is as simple as installing a baby pool fence. These fences are quite easy to install and can save your child’s life, as well as the life of an animal companion.

Ideas for install baby swimming pool fence, sketch on the deck of your pool, staying about two or three feet from the edge of the pool, with a thick rope. This is where your fence will go. Measure the length of the rope to decide how much fencing you will need. Use a flexible tape measure like those used for sewing, so you do not have to move the thread out of place to measure it. Measure the distance between the fence posts of the fence you have just purchased. This is the distance between the drill holes you will be on your pool deck.

Use a pencil to mark the place where a drill hole should be made along the cord. Make sure that the drill hole is only slightly larger than the size of the entrance fence so that the message fits securely. Drill the holes around the perimeter of the pool. The holes should be at least an inch deep. Brush the loose cement from the holes before proceeding. Begin inserting your fence posts into the holes you have drilled, pulling the fence taut as you go. Start with the part that is going to be your front door. Place a spring hook or other locking mechanism on the end of the fence after you have finished inserting the fence posts into all the holes, effectively closing the loop around your baby swimming pool.

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