Good Idea Mount The Green Porch Light

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Mounting a green porch light is essentially the same process as mounting any other type of ceiling light: You put it in place of an existing lighting fixture, which connects to the same wire circuit and controls it from the same switch of wall. The only real difference with the porch light is that you must seal the connections of the insulating tape cables. In addition to connecting the nuts to provide greater protection against moisture. Make sure that the purchase accessory is rated for outdoor use.

Good idea mounts the green porch lights. Switch off the existing porch appliance in the house’s fuse box. Removing the existing lamp by removing the screws that hold it to the electrical box on the roof of the porch. Disconnect the cables above the appliance as it is taken downwards. And then you should be left with an exposed electrical panel and three ends of the cable: black, white and bare ground. Keep the mounting bracket that comes with the new accessory up to the electrical box. Secure the box support with the screws provided.

Then for mount the green porch lights. Hook the end of the copper wire around the green ground screw of the mounting bracket and tighten the screw. Lift the light apparatus so it is close to the electrical box. Connect the white wire of the appliance to the white wire of the box by turning a plastic nut over them. Wrap the connection with electrician tape.

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