Great Queen Size Mattress Set

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Queen size mattress set is 60 inches wide, 80 inches long and 4.800 square inches. Many couples have chosen to use a double for their bedroom or space. If two people would sleep on a queen bed, these dimensions allow each person to have 30 inches of space in width. Value mounted queen sheet 60 is 80 inches. Sheets can vary by manufacturer, but any excess length can be pulled down over the mattress and should not be a problem when purchasing sheet sets.

Although the queen size mattress set pillows are easily available, queen-size pillow cases are not often made. A Queen pillow has the same width but 4 inches longer than a standard cushion and is in a standard pillow, which measures 21 by 32 inches.  Sheet sets are sold for full-size beds typically come with one or two standard pillowcases, which should be used with standard pillows for the best fit over the head of the bed.

From queen size mattress set for the bed frames are made of very different sizes, it is understandable that there is a standard thickness between any of the mattresses. Depending on the company that the purchase of your mattress, you can get a very thick mattress or a standard thickness.

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