History Of The California King Mattress Size

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The California king mattress size is a relatively modern addition to homes around the world. The bed had been made and was created since the first man needed a place to rest their heads. In 1960 though, people are no longer creating a bed of leaves and branches to be placed on the forest floor. They are not stuffing mattresses with straw, either. Humans began to crave luxury, and at this time, were lucky to buy it as well. So how did we get here? How to sleep away from the dirt to the big, soft bed?

California king mattress size is the first no more than the leaves, animal skins, and whatever our primitive ancestors could find. Eventually, however, as people became less nomadic, bed evolved into a structure that makes people of the land. The first “luxury” bed of Royals Egypt. Long stone stairway that led to this bed, which is often shroud by curtains.

California king mattress size this is a quaint bed and maybe even have a pillow first headboards. The Egyptians made the bed luxurious place as did the Greeks. In the famous epic Homer, Odyssey, Odysseus, a king, to build his wife, jewel encrusted wonderful sleep. Even in ancient times, royalty sleeping in bed lush and luxurious.



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