Home Depot Basement Floor Paint Style

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Home Depot Basement Floor Paint Plan

Home depot basement floor paint – Finishing a basement adds more space to your home. Before you consider installing a new floor in your basement, try painting the existing basement floor in its place. Painting basement flooring can add color and personality to your basement in a way that is not possible in other rooms.

Home depot basement floor paint, make sure your basement is waterproof before you start. Fill cracks or holes in the floor with concrete or filler patch. Choose a day with a moderate temperature and low humidity to give the paint an opportunity to dry properly. Scrub the floor thoroughly. Clean sweep before applying the primer. If there are any grease stains on the floor, they should be removed before applying primer. Use at least two coats of primer.

Home depot basement floor paint, apply the first layer of primer. Allow to dry at least 12 hours before applying the next layer. Allows 12 hours of drying time between the second coat of primer and the first coat of paint. Use a paint roller with a long handle or an air compressor power painter to apply the paint. Do not use a brush. A brush will take a long time and you can not apply the paint evenly. Plan in two layers of paint and allow at least 24 hours between layer and layer to leave the paint dry.

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