How To Build Basement Stair Kits

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Basement Stair Kits Decorations

Basement stair kits – The staircase railing offer a good safety measure no matter how short the stairs or where they lead. The basement stairs can be particularly dangerous, as many of them are without carpeting and carpet padding to cushion falls. Young children and elderly, injured or even healthy adults can all take a spill down the stairs and suffer terrible injuries.

Use a stud finder for finding wall studs along the wall where the railing is attached. Place a strip of painter’s tape along the stud about 3 feet off the stair tread. Place a small strip of painter’s tape three feet over the edge of the tread of the top stair. With your Carpentry pencil draw a horizontal line 36 inches above the top tread basement stair kits and a vertical line even with the edge of the last step, so you have a sideways on your piece of paper.

Cut a 45-degree angle on the lower end of your railing, slanting away from the wall, with the miter saw. Rest the lower end of your railing on the floor at the bottom of the basement stair kits and mark the top of the railing with your Carpentry pencil where the edge of the top step is. Cutting 16-degree angle with your miter saw on what will be top of your railing where you made your mark in the previous step, which slopes toward the bottom of your fence. Cut a second 16-degree angle on the piece you just cut off the railing, this time in the opposite direction.

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