How To Change Basement Access Door

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Basement Access Door Wood

Basement access door – especially wooden doors, can be damaged over time depending on usage and the moisture in the unfinished basement, and they can suffer dings and cracks in the frame. Replacing the basement access door is an important first step in a campaign to stop these problems and make the basement more useful and attractive.


Lift the entire door with the hinges from the door frame. Set aside the door. Place the pry bar so that the hook is facing the seam between the frame and the wall. Press the handle of the bar from the frame so that the hook point pulling the frame from the wall.

Repeat this step in small steps along the frame until the frame is completely free from the wall. Measure the width and height of the door opening.  Basement access door are different sizes, depending on the age of the house and the location of the entrance. Purchased a pre-hung door with immediate measurements to your requirements. Set the door frame in place. Level jamb so that it is straight.

Place the door frame back into position inside the door. Level the door frame to the door opening. Measure from the top and bottom of the door to find the hinge locations on the door. Line up with the door frame. Install door handle using the kit included in the door. If no door handle was included in the door, you must buy one with the necessary hardware.

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