How To Install Basement Casement Window

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Beautiful Basement Casement Window

Basement casement windows are often in older buildings, although they can be a nice replacement or addition to any building casement windows are available in different materials and opened using a crank or hand. Below are step by step instructions for installing basement casement windows. Basement casement windows open in or out, depending on what works best for your use, but an inward casement window can be difficult to pry a would be burglar.

Choose the location of your basement casement window. Take a trip down to the basement and map where you want the place to be for your basement windows. You have to either choose a location that already has a window space allocated or you can choose to add a window space to the basement instead of using an opening that is already available. If you choose to add a window space, you must know that it can be time consuming and may require the expertise of a professional.

Pull out the old basement casement window. Remove cover and drop-supporting window molding can be removed using a pry bar and a hammer. Put simply pry bar between cover and basement framing and pull the bar toward you use the hammer as additional leverage. It is important that your opening to be waterproof likely your window is below ground level and will come out through cement block wall use expanding foam insulation into any openings and allow to dry.

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