How To Make Basement Closet Doors

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Basement Closet Doors Design

Basement closet doors – Installing sliding doors to hide the interior of the basement crawl add a more finished look to the room and insulate the room from cold or warm air that can enter the house through the closet. Bypass doors hang on rollers that slides along a metal track. Stunning doors allow them to slide independently along the track. Measure the width of the crawlspace opening and use a hacksaw to cut the door track to the correct width. Keep track towards the top of the opening and mark the screw holes on the frame. Drill holes and screw the track into place, using the screws provided with the kit.

Measure the distance from the lip of the door groove in the floor and subtract ½ inch. Add an inch to the width of the crawlspace opening. Cut a piece of plywood to these dimensions and then cut the piece of plywood in half to make two doors. Sand the cut edges of the plywood smooth and then paint or stain the basement closet doors.

Attach the door handle to each door, so that when the doors are hung handles will be on opposite sides. Attaching the rolls that came with the door track set to the beginning of the basement closet doors. Set a roll in place about 2½ inches from each corner of the top of plywood, mark the screw holes, drill holes and screw rollers in place.

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