How To Make Basement Entrance Stairs

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Basement Entrance Stairs Design

Basement entrance stairs – If you need to quickly build a temporary basement stairs, there is no better material to use than wood. Ladders are strong enough to support a lot of weight but still light enough to easily remove later, and they cost very little to build. With two 2-by-12 sheets placed diagonally stringers and several 2-by-6s of the steps, you can make a set of removable steps in a single afternoon.

Determine the height of basement entrance stairs and dividing that number by 7, the average riser height in inches. Round the result to the nearest whole number to determine the number of steps on the stairs going to get, and divide the height of that number to determine the actual riser height. Clamp staircase meter to a square, at a 10-inch mark on the body and on the rising height of the tongue. Place this to a 2-to-board 12 and the track shape on the first stage. Slide it along the line, track every step until you reach the target number of them. Do the same with a second board.

Cut out the steps of a circular saw, trim ends to the back of the top stair is parallel with steps and bottom parallel with steps. Straight of 1½ inches from the bottom of the lowest stage to compensate for the thickness of the treads. Cut twice as many 2-by-6 boards as you step to the planned width of basement entrance stairs.

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