How To Protect Basement Escape Window

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Basement Escape Window Plan

Basement escape window are a popular break-point for burglars because the windows are low and mostly dark. To secure basement windows should be the top priority for all homeowners. The most common way to secure basement windows is to install window bars. These window bars are available in some standard window sizes or can be custom ordered. Measure the width and height of each window. Most window bars attached to the walls around the window with the headless screws or lag, so intruders can not remove them.

See the instructions for suggested locations together that will keep the security bars to the walls. Some mounts are on the sides only, some also mount on the top and bottom. Place the safety bar as an area of the basement escape window and hold it in place with brackets loosely attached. Have someone holding this for you while you mark the bracket hole locations with a marking pen.

Drill team, using a drill and drill bit. Follow the instructions for the drill bit and lagging sizes. Hammer law shields law holes. Installed bar sets and brackets loosely with the supervisor. Loose cut down on law-groups using safety socket and wrench. Level of safety bar set and then pull down on law-groups. A safety socket using a specialized head that looks crushed. It makes it harder for an intruder to remove the basement escape window bars for access.

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