How To Replace Vinyl Basement Windows

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Image Vinyl Basement Windows

How To Replace Vinyl Basement Windows – Typical basement windows are small, horizontal openings at ground level. Replacing them is one of the simplest window-replacement projects because of its size. As with most modern replacement windows, basement vinyl replacement windows come before the hanging, which means they are already installed in their housing and fully functioning when you buy them, so all you have to do is put them in the opening, level them and protect them.

The first to replace vinyl basement windows is measure the height and width of the window will open with the old basement windows are still in place. If the window is open, open it, so that you can measure from the sides of the opening where the window is. If it does not open, measuring along the front, from top to bottom and end when, on the outside of the border of stop-trim that surrounds the casing. Subtract ½ inch from the width and height measurements you get to calculate the size of the new windows. Do not remove the old window until you are ready to install the new one.

Pry of stop-trim from around the inside of the window opens with your hammer and pry bar to replace vinyl basement windows. Keep the trim intact and set it aside. Drive your jigsaw with cutting blades around the perimeter of the window casing, between the casing and the frame, to cut through the screws that hold the cover in place. Pull out the window. Set the new window into the opening. Set alert level in new window casing. Press shims under and on the sides of the cover, until it reads level. Shoot installing screws through the sides of the casing outwardly of the frame by screws to. Most units have two screw holes on each vertical side. Fill the space around the casing with spray foam insulation. Put a stop-trim back around the window to hide the space, with the help of your trim nailed. Seal around the trim.

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