Ideal Full Size Pillow Top Mattress

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Full size pillow top mattress – The most important property of this material is that it dissipates the pressure of the body evenly over its entire surface. This ensures that the body, when lying down, does not have points in which the pressure is very high (head, shoulders, hip), but the material molds throughout the body and dissipates the pressure evenly. This material is mainly used to make pillows and mattresses. These products come in different densities and levels of firmness.

If you use a box or platform, cover it with a skirt. Then, place a full size pillow top mattress protector that can cost from S / .60 and that will help you to prevent the presence of mites. Note that it is advisable to rotate the mattress of the bed twice a year for even wear. You can put cushions that match the curtains or the tapestry of a bedroom chair. It is advisable to add a blanket in the final 80 cm of the bed to create contrast and protect the bedspread.

It is ideal that the sheets are 100% cotton or linen with at least 200 or 250 threads for its freshness, durability and softness. As you lay the sheet down on the full size pillow top mattress, be sure to cover all the sides well. Then, when setting the worktop, leave about 35 cm free in the head so that when folding the details of the sheet are visible.

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