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Smart Bar Cabinet Images

Bar cabinet images – More and more homeowners are using cabinets with overlapping doors due to their photo-frame appearance. Whether they are raised from the panel, the glass panel or agitator doors, the look of the frame causes the cabinets to look more architecturally sound. The door you are going to make here is for a regular kitchen wall cabinet 30 inches by 27 inches. Remember to make the doors one inch larger, both in width and height of the door opening.

Bar cabinet images set of the fence of the table saw to two inches. Rip two pieces of each of the wood 1 by 6 inches by 30 inches.  Set the fence of the table saw in 3/16 of an inch. Lower the half-inch blade. Cut a slot in the long edges of the four pieces. Then, turn around to cut a slot in the same edge on the other side of the lumber. This will result in a groove that is 3/8 inches by 1/2 inches.

Bar cabinet images, measure from the end of two of the 30-inch pieces and make a mark at 20 inches. Cut these with the electric saw. These are the rails (horizontal pieces) of the agitator door frame. Set the fence of the table saw to ½ inches above the blade. Adjust the height of the 3/16 inch blade. Cut the 20-inch pieces through the grain on both sides and both ends.

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