Ideas For Basement Stairs Railing

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Basement Stairs Railing Ideas

Basement stair railing play an important role in domestic security, because basements are usually poorly or dimly lit, stairways are usually quite steep, and most people do not concentrate much of their construction effort and money into his basement. Inasmuch as there are a variety of basement stair railings that can help you climb up and down the basement stairs safely without costing a lot of money.

While versa rail is best known for its wind banisters, their product can also be used for the basement stair railing. With steel rods built into each side of the stairs all the way down the stairs, people on the stairs easily support themselves with both arms when they fall or rise stairwell. This rail costs about $ 200 in total to buy and install, and can support a lot of weight if properly installed.

An interesting idea would be to install a ceiling track the low-hanging ceiling will be above you as you walk down or up the basement stairwell. The rail would be right in the middle and hang low enough that people of any height could hold it with one hand when they go up or down the stairs, while holding the handrail next to them at waist level. This can only work on the wider stairwells as a low-hanging bar in the middle of the stairs can get in the way. However, it may be easier to grasp if you lose your balance, but it is in the middle of the basement stairs railing, as opposed to being at your side.

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