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Beautiful Modern Garden Borders

Modern garden borders – They are ideal when we want to provide a little more texture to outdoor spaces. Serve to protect delicate plants or flowers, to make trails or paths, to delimit trees, shrubs or bodies of water. To separate the different areas and stop counting. The edges for the garden have the virtue of turning these exterior spaces into places that seem designed by a professional landscaper. Over time the boundaries of the beds. The earthy circles surrounding shrubs and trees. The perimeters of the flower beds are losing definition. For that the edges for the garden are incorporated, which prevent this from happening.

With the help of a shovel and a pruning shear it is really very easy to delineate the edges for the garden. Once defined the exact place to delineate. With the help of a shovel we will dig until we have that perimeter at a lower level than the grass, about 7 centimeters. With the pruning shears, the step will be cut flush. To get an idea of ​​the exact measurement and to better appreciate the leveling. Using the same shovel or a hoe removes the excess soil. The modern garden borders are already made, which is this kind of ditch that separates one space from another. This ditch will also serve to optimize drainage.

When there is a need to protect part of the vegetation of pets or small children. The edges for the garden should have a higher elevation to the simple ornament or coating. For these cases, small wooden fences, low stone walls or low walls made of concrete are ideal. When it is sought to delimit deep pools or ponds these edges for the modern garden borders should be raised at least to exceed one meter in height.

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