Ideas Of Painted Basement Ceiling

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Painted Basement Ceiling Black

Painted basement ceiling – When you finish your basement walls and ceilings with plaster, paint it is relatively easy and very like painting any finished walls. To make the process safe and make your basement look bright, you need to take some precautions, and choose paint colors that lit basement room.


Prepare the floor to protect it while painted basement ceiling. Cover the floor with old sheets or newspapers in several layers so that the color does not bleed through to the floor. Open any high-wall windows in the basement for ventilation. Its multiple box fans in the basement to pull the vapors out of the compartment.

Cover the corners of switches and sockets with painters tape. Apply painters tape to the corners between walls, between walls and ceilings, and around all the other adjacent items. Fill a paint tray half full of your chosen color. Lighter and bright colors make the basement seem larger and more open than darker colors. Carry your ventilation mask to protect you from the paint fumes.

Cover paint rollers in paint and paint the ceiling first. Paint the ceiling first prevents the paint from splattering off the roof on already painted walls. Allow the roof to dry overnight before painting the edges of the roof. After the edges are painted, again dry overnight before continuing on the walls. For drywall texture roof, this step is unnecessary. Painted basement ceiling, working carefully around the reception cover, switch and trim pieces. Let the walls dry overnight before removing strips of painters tape. Bright colors are ideal for basements without windows.

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