Innovative Porch Light Security Camera

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There are many video surveillance systems, with different types of porch light security camera and functionalities. Today we bring you a slightly different one called Kuna, which is designed to go unnoticed by visitors and strangers. Why? Well, because the IP camera with 720p HD sensor. And dome-shaped hides behind an outdoor lamp that we must install next to the door. On a porch or where we want to control the presence of strangers.

Porch light security camera connects to the WiFi network that we have at home. It has a microphone and a speaker that can act as an alarm to frighten intruders. But also, by installing the corresponding application on our smartphone. We can remotely control functions such as talking to whoever is with Kuna or receiving notifications of the motion sensor installed.

Of course we can also receive on the phone images and videos of what the porch light security camera is capturing at any time. As well as remotely control the lighting on and off. At the moment, Kuna is looking for financing in Indiegogo. Offering those who support the project a unit at a price of 129 dollars. Later it is expected that the final price is $ 269. And that it can be purchase with several different shapes and finishes.

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