Installations Basement Lighting Drop Ceiling

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Good Basement Lighting Drop Ceiling

Installations Basement Lighting Drop Ceiling – A finished basement provides living space and value to your home, but the roof can be complicated to manage. You will want to leave the pipes and electrical lines available in case you need to work with them or add new electrical components to your home. The easiest solution is to install the roof that also preserves accessibility is a drop ceiling. Drop-roof design has come a long way over the years and offers many attractive options to use when you finish your basement ceiling.

Instructions for install basement lighting drop ceiling. Measure 4 inches down from the ceiling joists in the perimeter of the room and mark the wall. Use to secure the perimeter trademarks level around the room and then connect brands. Fixed the perimeter track around the room where you made your grades. Secure the track with nails in the joists so you do not damage the drywall. Use an electric stud finder to locate the studs. Use tin snips to cut the slot to fit along the wall. Butt track in tight corners, then slide the second half of the track perpendicular to the wall of the first track and nail in place. For outside corners, you can cut two pieces of track on a 45-degree angle and miter them together.

Next steps for install basement lighting drop ceiling, follow the instructions of your equipment to install grid ceiling tiles will sit in. In most cases, the path laid out in a grid and hang from the roof beams with wire or hooks. Check your measurements match those in your installation guide. Place the ceiling panels in place along the net. Push them aside in place; let them gently drop down until they rest on the track. For areas near walls can be less than the tiles, cutting tiles to size with a utility knife. Cut a circle the same size as any heating or cooling lines to enter the basement from the ceiling tiles directly sub channels. Allow the channel to switch tiles and place a diffuse in the hole you cut out.

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