Installing King Size Foam Mattress

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King Size Foam Mattress Bedroom

King size foam mattress – There are a few reasons why you may need to move a king-size mattress. If you have recently purchased a king-size mattress and decided to forgo the installation cost of the store, then you will need to move it to the bedroom to install it. When you move and take your king size mattress with you, you will also need to move it properly.

With the right mobile technologies, you can protect your king mattress. You can enjoy sleeping with, but not directly adjacent to another person. Or maybe you are a tall person and just need more room to spread out. In this case, perhaps a king size foam mattress be the right size.


Get at least one person to help you. Because of the weight, size and structure of a king size foam mattress, do not try to move it alone. Grasp the king size foam mattress on each end, with you on one side and another on the other.

Turn king size foam mattress on its side to move it through doorways. The mattress should fit through a standard or exterior door opening width. Most doorways are about 80 inches tall, and in width, is a king mattress 76 inches. Support king mattress underneath when you move it. Do not send it to fit through spaces. This will hurt some mattresses.

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